Splashes of a kaleidoscopic soul, granted my demons beatitude; giggles, words, and her being.

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We went to great schools. All our teachers, parents, friends, they all taught us a lot. They taught us how days become nights; they taught us how to eat; they taught us to love, to sacrifice at times, to achieve happiness, everything we know. It is a lot. This complete tree of knowledge around our […]

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War: Dream and Reality.

You’ve fought well, my friend. You bled, you healed; did the poison still remain inside? Things seem calm, but then, isn’t there this voice calling you back? To fight, maybe? what is it about that fight? Do you still wage it? Who is the enemy? Do you see anything through this haze of chaos? Why […]

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People? They are good.

The ending college life brings a lot of memories and emotions. It was a great journey. Subtle ups, great downs, but there’s more than that; did you enjoy? I can safely (and proudly) say I enjoyed, A LOT.   It made me a person I never imagined I could be. It all happened because of people around […]

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Hi Dad!

Hi Dad! I know you’re busy. I know the world needs you. I am thankful to you, as I lie here, peacefully in my bed. For the hardwork you did, making sure there’s no strife or dread. Hi Dad! I know you’re busy. I know that world needs you. I am thankful to you, for […]

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Conscience on fire, hearts like ice; vacuous enough, to talk of rejoice? 

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The seeds of help.

Out of the over 7 billion people on earth we won’t even have interacted with 0.01%. Out of this percentage only a few would have the traits that inspire you for your fettle at this very moment. There’ll be people who would not utter a word, also there will be people, who would speak too […]

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