The seeds of help.

Out of the over 7 billion people on earth we won’t even have interacted with 0.01%. Out of this percentage only a few would have the traits that inspire you for your fettle at this very moment.

There’ll be people who would not utter a word, also there will be people, who would speak too much. The things they tell, the things they say, these are the things that makes them up for you. You draw your definition of them after hearing these words.

But, are they really true? 

A place where one cannot find a place to have a moment of peace, should we believe the images they have created in our minds by their words?

It’s not about the ones who eventually expect vandalism for everything, but for the ones who care. Who care for others, who care for the well-being of everyone. But while caring for others they don’t care if someone’s caring for them. They’ll be happy, they will be seen smiling always. With that smile onto their faces, that they have learnt to actually live or fake. If faked, done so perfectly that no one could dig for their need to be cared about.

So many people have inspired me in life, with all the inspiration here are a few lines for the ones who selflessly care about the others.


To begin with the end,
Are the deeds of unwise.
To the saplings of destiny,
Said the tree before demise. 

Explore the possible,
he kept telling this story.
Knowing the resultant,
is not always mandatory.

The story was unadorned,
it was about a nipper.
Looking for shade,
From the burning summer. 

Tree saw him crying,
with a face that used to chipper.
The tree saw him trying,
not to hobble without slippers. 

In shade of tree,
he would sit down.
This smile of helpfulness,
Would soothe his frown.

“Helping selflessly?”
Asked the fellow tree.
“It’s the inner contentment,
that sets my souls free”.

Time has passed,
Nipper turned into man.
He had helped the needy,
Throughout his life span.

A paradigm of wisdom,
with a pellucid heart.
Reimbursing what he took,
redefining the state of art.

“It all comes back”,
Said the tree to fellow.
“The seeds of help sown,
aid once they mellow”.

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