People? They are good.

The ending college life brings a lot of memories and emotions. It was a great journey. Subtle ups, great downs, but there’s more than that; did you enjoy?

I can safely (and proudly) say I enjoyed, A LOT.  

It made me a person I never imagined I could be. It all happened because of people around me. 3 years, away from home, trying to find meaning to existence. But then, you look around and see many, many doing the same thing; infinitely many paths, converging to a single state, Happiness.  It’s almost a beautiful mess that cannot be carved in words.

Well, this post isn’t about how college has been, how I changed, how scenario changed, this one’s for the people.

There are many people who believe that someone can be absolutely good or bad, I think it’s all relative. We compare before we make decisions and it all comes downs to one’s judgement. No one’s bad at the core, they all reflect what they have seen in life. In the same fashion, no one’s absolute good either; it’s all your judgement that makes them good or bad.

What I think of people? They’re great. Maybe I talk to them a lot, maybe I see the good in them, maybe I am the worst of all and I find everyone good because of that, we’ll never know anything for certain. It’s a weird science that governs everything. People never stop to amaze; they amaze in the most unexpected ways. Some of them won’t ever utter a word, they amaze through their actions. You, right now, are amazing someone too. It’s also true that not all amazement are pleasing. Some of them make you angry, sad, hopeless, etc., but trust me, we are not strong enough to carry these feelings throughout our lifetime. The least you can do is to sort it out and move on. It’s my strong belief that giving up on people is one of the most moronic and sad things you’ll do in life. As I mentioned previously, our paths converge, they are all directed towards getting happiness. Everyone is trying to achieve happiness, which evidently changes from time to time and person to person. There’s a fair chance that sometime your paths may interleave, they may cross with each other’s, they might even result in complete destruction, but I don’t believe that it can be intentional, or in other words, you see it much before if it’s intentional. The point stands rigid, no one is bad at the core. How can someone possibly sleep at night knowing that they intentionally harmed someone? You can’t, right? Nor can I.

It’s just the right amount of effort that sets things right. Don’t pull it too much, don’t push it too much. Just safely slide it till the point where everyone is happy. There’s always that one point in every situation, you gotta find it.

Don’t put a big no to all the amazement and amusement coming to your life. Never give up on anyone.

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