War: Dream and Reality.

You’ve fought well, my friend. You bled, you healed; did the poison still remain inside?
Things seem calm, but then, isn’t there this voice calling you back? To fight, maybe? what is it about that fight? Do you still wage it? Who is the enemy? Do you see anything through this haze of chaos?

Why these blisters on your soul still remain?
Why do you seek redemption?
What do you want to redeem?

The fight has not ended; It’s the war that is to commence.

Not all dreams are pleasing.
“I see the reflection from waves, as I struggle against the channels that pull me inside”
That last scream, as you see yourself fading into nothingness.

“Wake up, what are you doing?”
“No! This is where it all started. I need to save myself.”

As you head back to the water, the scream gets fainter.
The other side of the coin is no different. You can barely see your scars, as the water blocks the sight of your better half; standing outside, worried, helpless; the soul however, is perfectly visible, even with closed eyes.

“What do I see?”

“I see wounds”
“I see tears”
“I see emptiness as I strive to contentment”

Turn around, leave the helpless you. Let it see how you become a part of this void, as you dive inside the water.

“Where am I headed?”

You must find the way and you will.

And thus, began the war of dream and reality.

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