We went to great schools. All our teachers, parents, friends, they all taught us a lot. They taught us how days become nights; they taught us how to eat; they taught us to love, to sacrifice at times, to achieve happiness, everything we know. It is a lot. This complete tree of knowledge around our world, it’ll require years to be completely able to comprehend it; to appreciate it.

But does this span everything? I believe most of us still have an unexplored branch.

Let’s try to complete the tree.
The world is made of people, check.
People are made of cells, check.
What puts this intricate system of connected cells to life? Let’s assume that it’s the soul.
 assumption raises the ambiguity to an alarmingly high degree. Well now, what is a soul possibly made of? 

Yes, Words.

Words are the building blocks of our soul; of our conscience. Their orientation, delivery, comprehension, moulds our soul in the most inexplicable fashion. They shape our thinking. They form the backbone of beliefs, which eventually, is what we reflect as a person. Words have the power to build, to keep us going, to devastate. A small variation in the set of words we use can bring a huge impact on lives.

There are no superheros with capes in our world. They don’t fly or shoot with lasers coming out of their eyes, but they still manage to change the world. It’s a simple protocol. Their words open new paths of possibilities. Consider Wave-Particle Duality. We always saw things as matter and light as wave, but the clash with reality shattered these rules. That’s how our lives work.

So what has to be done?

Talk. Let it out. Talk to people. Tell them if they’re right. Tell them they’re wrong. Tell them that you appreciate. Tell them if you see there’s scope for improvement. Your words bring change to at least one life, and that’s yours. 

We live on a small planet positioned somewhere in this vast universe. There’s no one outside who’s gonna care for us. It’s time for me to start caring for you, you to start caring for others and us to start caring for ourselves.

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