Hi Dad!

Hi Dad! I know you’re busy. I know the world needs you. I am thankful to you, as I lie here, peacefully in my bed. For the hardwork you did, making sure there’s no strife or dread. Hi Dad! I know you’re busy. I know that world needs you. I am thankful to you, for […]

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Conscience on fire, hearts like ice; vacuous enough, to talk of rejoice? 

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The seeds of help.

Out of the over 7 billion people on earth we won’t even have interacted with 0.01%. Out of this percentage only a few would have the traits that inspire you for your fettle at this very moment. There’ll be people who would not utter a word, also there will be people, who would speak too […]

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That is when you came.

This day, 13th September is birthday of one of the coolest and the prettiest people I have met in life. Wishing her birthday, here’s a small writing that popped outta mind. So, here it goes. When the flowers bloomed,  Saving the sad and doomed. When happiness was god’s aim, That is when you came.  When […]

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Time to Thank! :)

I remember me writing, “In the race to miss others you start missing yourself.” Here is a small self negation to that. Indeed, everything you see gradually shapes you into the person you are this very day. But, mostly people would be pessimists and see the darker side of this. It’s time to put the darkness […]

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Quiet Night! (Quotes)

Following are a few small lines with some deep and nice meaning. “We often say things we don’t understand at random times. Once we understand we know the right time to say them.” – TheAnonymosopher “Some of the greatest battles will be fought withing silent chambers of your own soul.” – Ezra Taft “In race […]

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Inadequacy of hope.

A book of memories, Everyday you write. Blended feelings, Into words that are right. Yesterday’s words, That were a bit gloomy. Rose their fingers, Without listening to me. I was innocent, I wanted to confess. Pellucid spirit, Implicit to express. The previous day’s tale, Wasn’t intricate. A simple chaos, A tenebrific fate. A new feeling, […]

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